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Find out why Heather Wallace, The Timid Rider is attending the Gobi Desert Cup in Mongolia this August.

The Timid Rider, The Gobi Desert Cup

June 1, 2018 by Heather Wallace. Imagine my surprise that I’m attending a 300-mile endurance horse race in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia! You read that correctly.  The Gobi Desert Cup is being held August 22-31st in Mongolia and will include riders from all over the world in this life-changing and immersive cultural experience.

I’ll clarify something for all my readers who are going, wait…what? I am not trained for endurance riding and with less than two months before the challenge, I doubt I would be ready. Instead, I’m attending as the Media Contact for this race! I’ll still experience the nomadic culture of the Mongols but as the writer/ photographer and social media guru. Read more. 



Endurance World, The Gobi Desert Cup challenges riders, body and soul

June 4, 2018 by Heather Wallace. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 4 May 2018. The Gobi Desert Cup is a 480 kilometer endurance ride beginning outside Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. The challenge is focused on teamwork, horsemanship and immersion in the Mongolian culture as well as completing the marked course safely. Read more.


Equestrian Living, Gobi Desert Cup

June 4, 2018. Co-founded in 2017 by FEI 3* Endurance Rider, Camille Champagne and leading Mongolian veterinarian Naranbataar Adiya, the Gobi Desert Cup is an almost 300-mile multi-stage endurance race through the Gobi Desert, riding Mongolian horses approximately 50 miles everyday for 6 days. This challenge is the only one of its kind to combine endurance while positively supporting Mongolian culture and their horses. Read more


The Timid Rider Takes Mongolia, American Horse Publications and Endurance.Net

July 9, 2018. Equestrian Author and Photographer to Attend the Gobi Desert Cup

Small business owner Heather Wallace is known as an animal massage therapist, author, equestrian blogger at The Timid Rider, and photographer. With a varied skill set and strong work ethic, she is most recently known for her best-selling book, Confessions of a Timid Rider, which is an Amazon bestseller in three categories.

While no stranger to hard work, Heather will be challenging herself this August as the Media Consultant for the second annual Gobi Desert Cup taking place this August in Mongolia. Serving as a writer and photographer to document the journey, she is also acting as liaison for international riders and the global press. Read more...

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International Cowgirl, Desert Dreams

It’s August & I couldn’t be more excited to share an adventure with you! I don’t know about you but time is flying by this year & The Gobi Desert Cup is quickly approaching. Read more...

Horse Canada Magazine, Lorie Duff to Represent Canada in The Gobi Desert Cup

Lorie Duff of Lorie Duff Horsemanship has been invited to represent Team Canada for The Gobi Desert Cup in Mongolia August 22-31. Born and raised in Newfoundland, Duff is a professional horsemanship coach and trainer now based at Liberty Lane Farm in Ottawa, Ontario. Read more...


Lorie Duff to Ride for Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario at The Gobi Desert Cup

Lorie Duff of Vankleek Hill, ON frequently travels across North America to teach and showcase her natural horsemanship philosophy. Now, she is about to cross the ocean to face a new challenge: tackling The Gobi Desert Cup in Mongolia from Aug. 22-31, 2018, to fundraise for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Read more...


Lorie Duff Horsemanship, The Gobi Desert Cup

My journey in the equine industry has taken me to places I only dreamed of, and this is for sure one of them. I never would have predicted that I would be given such a great honor to represent my Country, Canada, in an endurance race half way around the world. Read more...

The Chesterville Record, Lorie Duff to Represent Canada in Gobi Desert Cup Endurance Race

Long-time Winchester and area horsemanship trainer and performer Lorie Duff will represent Canada in the second annual Gobi Desert Cup endurance race from Aug. 22 to 31. Duff is renowned across North America for being the first western performer at the Sunset Ceremonies, as well as her innovative approach to training, teaching and all around horsemanship. Read more...


The Telegram, Newfoundland equestrian competing in Gobi Desert Cup

For Lorie Duff, horses have always been a way of life, taking her from the dairy farm in Topsail where she grew up, to Ottawa, and soon, to Mongolia where she will compete in the Gobi Desert Cup.



C’est Elodie Maillard, passionnée d’endurance équestre, qui représentera la France dans la Gobi Desert Cup, en Mongolie, du 22 au 31 août 2018. Une cavalière à suivre… et à soutenir ! 

Déjà emblématique, cette nouvelle course d’endurance équestre est une belle façon de promouvoir la culture mongole auprès de la communauté internationale, tout en soutenant un projet de développement durable. Read more...

Daily Telegraph, Anglesea women Tania Orlov and Ruth Benney prepare for Gobi Desert Cup

TWO Anglesea mums are giddying up for a trip of a lifetime, travelling to Mongolia this month for a six-day endurance horse race through the Gobi Desert.

The Gobi Desert Cup is a 480km ride through some of the most unforgiving terrain on the planet, requiring riders to complete an 80km course each day.

It will test both the mental and physical strength of the riders, with only 20 people from across the globe entering each year.

But confessed horse-loving mothers Tania Orlov and Ruth Benney think they’re up for the challenge. Read more...



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VOCM Local News Now, Equestrian From NL Representing Canada At Gobi Desert Cup Listen to audio


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 Click on the cover to read our article in this issue. 

Click on the cover to read our article in this issue. 

Globetrotting, The Gobi Desert Cup

September 18, 2017. “Let us introduce you to Mongolia” is the slogan for the Gobi Desert Cup, and although we here at Globetrotting HQ feel as though the epic riding holidays we offer in this beautiful country do that (and more), we’ve got to admit, a 480km multi-stage endurance ride across the Gobi Desert sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. The inaugural event has just taken place this month (September) and saw 16 competitors from around the world ride a new Mongolian horse each day for 80km over six days. And the good news is globetrotters, the race was a success and the event organisers are already looking forward to next year and inviting people to enter. Read more...


Northern Star, Local Riders to Tackle Gobi Desert Cup


August 4, 2017. THE desert in Mongolia conjures vivid images of a foreign culture and harsh conditions.

For Horsetalk Riding Farm owners Steve Clibborn and Joyce Corbett it will be their personal battleground for a week as they strive to conquer exhaustion, heat, cold and mental fatigue while participating in a 480km race through the unforgiving desert.

The inaugural Gobi Desert Cup will take place in September and is a 480 kilometre endurance ride starting 160km outside UlaanBataar, the capital of Mongolia. Read more...



Catwalk, Georgina Lloyd taking on the Gobi Desert Cup 2017 Challenge for CatWalk


August 30, 2017. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step ~ Lao Tzu

Georgina Lloyd has recently turned 30 and originally from Australia with a background in eventing.

“I have been living in New Zealand for the past 9 years.  I came to New Zealand to work in the Thoroughbred industry, but the beauty of New Zealand has kept me here. I now work in a local legal office as a Legal Executive, completing my final year of my degree (Bachelor of Laws).  To keep my horsey addiction satisfied I still ride the pony and the odd thoroughbred in the morning at the Matamata Racecourse. Read more...


North Queensland Register, Camille Champagne Bargenquast calls on nominations for her inaugural Gobi Desert Cup

January 17, 2017. A north west Queensland endurance rider is calling for nominations for her inaugural ride through the Gobi Desert in south Mongolia.

After competing in the longest and toughest horse race in the world – Mongol Derby – Camille Champagne Bargenquast is preparing her own endurance ride in conjunction with an internationally experienced Mongolian vet and two endurance riders from America. Read more...