Track Our Riders

Do you want to join the event remotely and watch our riders progress across Mongolia? Do you want to check in on your friends and family? Now you can! This year you will have the opportunity to track our GPS location online at

Each day riders will begin the course by 7:30 AM local time and have 12 hours to complete the marked course whether they are competing for the Cup or simply riding for adventure. While some riders prefer to ride solo across the desert, others will find their horses work better together as a herd.

Either way, we are on course with all riders to ensure their safety and provide assistance on course as well as water and electrolytes for riders and horses. So follow the dot to see a snapchat of our riders and where we are located in the vast expanse of the steppe.

Our course changes each year but makes it’s way through multiple terrains and provinces. Thanks to Garmin you can all follow the adventure from home!

Camille Champagne