Meet Our Rider: Jennifer Sims (Team EqGlobetrotter)

When stylish meets adventurous, we are in for one big treat! Meet our 2019 rider, Jennifer Sims, the Captain of Team EqGlobetrotter. Jennifer has ridden multiple disciplines and is well-known for her popular Instagram accounts, Styled Equestrian and EqGlobetrotter, which she started recently to document her equestrian travels. We are so excited to have Jennifer on board to experience Mongolia with us!


Name: Jennifer Sims

 Age 44

 Country of Residence * USA


 How long have you been riding horses? 20 years

 Do you own horses? Tell us about them! Not at this moment!  I am having too much

fun and saving a lot of money catch riding other peoples horses!!  


 Why are you competing in the Gobi Desert Cup?

 It just seems like an epic adventure!  I've been wanting to ride in Mongolia and learn more

about the culture so this seems like the perfect opportunity to do that!


What is your equestrian discipline? How do you feel that will help you with horsemanship in Mongolia?

 Most of my experience is in the Hunter and Jumper world, but about a year ago I started playing polo.

I also spent a fair amount of time in college working with mustangs in the round pen and have a knack for reading horses.   I have compassion for any quirks they might have and am patient with them as we learn to communicate with each other.  Because I ride so many horses, I have fallen in love with the challenge of figuring every new ride out and I really do feel like I have something to learn from every horse I ride.  I feel like that is my gift.


What are your long-term goals in the sport?

 I don't really have any long term goals in the sport of endurance I guess I'd say to complete the GDC safely and with happy horses and a satisfied team!!



What do you feel are your main strengths in competing for the Gobi Desert Cup?

A positive attitude.  I am generally a very happy and easy going person which I think will be super important in this situation.  (And in most situations!) I also really love the horses and don't expect them to be machines.  


What do you fear most about the race?

I guess maybe one of the horses stumbling and coming up lame.  I want them to feel good and enjoy what we are doing, but as a living being it is always possible to take a misstep.


What are you looking forward to most in Mongolia?

Everything.  Meeting everyone, meeting all of the horses and the Mongolians who are a part of the GDC.  Pushing myself to accomplish something that most people would never be brave enough to attempt.


What do you need to improve before the race?

Haha!  Cardio! And also to learn more about endurance riding as I have zero experience!


What is your training plan? (Include horse riding and any other fitness, training, or research points you feel will help you.)

I'm doing Pilates twice a week to strengthen my core, legs, whole body.  Also I joined a local group of endurance riders on FB and will be riding with them when possible to get some more trail experience and learn more about the sport.  Plus I catch ride a couple of times a week and when the polo season starts up again I'll be adding two days a week of polo to my schedule.  Because I host riding holidays, I will be taking groups of riders to Africa in June for a two week safari ride where we will average about 30km a day.  


Why should others sign up for the Gobi Desert Cup?

 Because it will be a once in a lifetime experience and a test of our inner strength and resilience as well as compassion and openness to stepping completely out of our comfort zones.  


What would you consider a successful ride?

 Making it to the end of each day with a healthy, happy horse and a happy team!!


Do you have anything else you'd like us to know about you?

I didn't grow up with horses.  I was born in Louisville KY and was in foster care until the age of 4 when I was adopted by a single mom.  I was always obsessed with horses for as long as I can remember.  I rode a little as a kid but not too much because it wasn't financially feasible for my mom as a single parent household on a nurse's salary.  I eventually gave up on my dream of owning a horse around the age of 12....Until I got signed by a modeling agency in Los Angeles in my early 20's and booked my very first gig which was for Levis Jeans.  I was paid $2,500 and thought I was rich! So of course I went out and bought a horse for exactly that amount!! I rode him bareback until I booked my next job and could buy a used saddle. And so it began!  Lol!!

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