Meet Our Rider: Allan Horn (USA)



Your name, country of residence, and age? 

Allan Horn USA, 59 years old.



How long have you been riding horses for? 

Endurance for 23 years.




How many horses do you own?

7 Arabians and 1 Mustang.



What are your main motivations for entering The Gobi Desert Cup?

To experience the adventure and Mongolian horseman’s culture in the Gobi desert where the origin of the horse came from. I am honored to be on Team USA with legendary rider Christoph Schork.



What have been your major highlights/achievements in endurance riding/equestrian sports?

2017 Tevis 1st heavyweight rider on my homebred horse, Numerous wins, best condition, regional and national awards in endurance as well as Cattle Sorting wins on my endurance horses. 



What are your long-term goals in the sport?

Top ten Tevis, win the 2018 top endurance mare in the USA and 2018 national best condition award on the same mare Shez Mostly Zipped a ½ Arabian/ paint horse



What do you fear the most about the race?

Getting sick or injured and not being able to ride.


List your current personal best in equestrian sports -  other sports?

I am a paddler. I paddle outriggers, single and 6 man team boats, Dragon boats. I have medalled in world championships in all disciplines both distance and sprints.  




What do you feel are your main strengths for The Gobi Desert Cup?

Perseverance and experience. I have ridden the 2000 mile pony express trail 2x across the Western United States doing forty 50 mile endurance rides. We rode for 5 days then 2 days off and did it for 8 weeks. I did not ride every day depending on weather and trail. My 6000 endurance miles will hopefully help team USA prevail on winning the Gobi cup



What areas do you feel that you need improvement in before the race?

I feel I am prepared to ride a typical Arabian for 6days of 50-mile rides but unsure of the horses in Mongolia, the camping, food, and water. I am doing my best to prepare for these items. It will be an adventure and a challenge




Do you currently do any other kind of training besides riding horses? If yes, provide details.

I am doing my normal fitness training which is riding, running, paddling, surfing and hitting the gym.




How much are you riding in preparation for the race, what is your training plan?

I have ridden 1000s of miles this year in races and training miles. I am getting ready to ride the Tevis 100 mile race in a few weeks continuing to train but we are tapering so I have a fresh horse to race day.




Why do you think people need to sign up to ride The Gobi Desert Cup with you this year?

This will be a horse racing adventure and it is not for everyone but the ones who want to really ride and live in Mongolian nomadic lifestyle where horse originated will really enjoy this adventure,

An experience to remember.



Finally, what would be a successful ride for you?

For Team USA to win the Gobi cup, enjoy the company of the other rider from all over the world who are like-minded and to come home safely


by Heather Wallace