Meet Our Rider: Peter Breidahl (Team New Zealand)

Peter Breidahl_GDC.png

Peter Breidahl, Team New Zealand


Your name, country of residence, and age?

Age 39 and I have no country of residence. Generally the South Pacific area.

How long have you been riding horses for? - how many horses do you own?

Been riding on and off for 20+ years. I own five Mongolian ponies.


What are your main motivations for entering The Gobi Desert Cup?

To LEARN how to manage Mongolian ponies over long distances and ensure their health is put first.

What are your long-term goals in the sport?

None. I’m here to learn and want to continue to grow as a rider. It’s a huge honour to have the opportunity to ride with you guys and not one I take lightly :)

What do you fear the most about the race?

That the Mongolian death worm is real and we find ourselves in a scenario similar to the movie Tremors.



How much are you riding in preparation for the race, what is your training plan? 

Yoga and general conditioning, etc. I will ride one of my ponies 1000km to UB before we start.

Why do you think people need to sign up to ride The Gobi Desert Cup with you this year?

Sign up with me? No. People need to sign up for themselves and my reasons will be different to everyone else’s and I’m here to respect those differences and learn where I can. I can’t think of a reason not to do a ride like this :)


What is your main goal in the race?

I want to pass EVERY vet check and not hurt a horse. I don’t give a stuff if I win, I want to ride well within my peer group “Team NZ” and put animal welfare above every other concern.


By Heather Wallace