Meet Our Rider: Elodie Maillard (France)


Your name, country of residence, and age?

Elodie MAILLARD – France – 34 ans



How long have you been riding horses for? - how many horses do you own?

I have ridden horses since I was 14 when I met a horse which I took care of, an Arab. I do not have a horse anymore. In the past, I was the owner of four horses.


What are your main motivations for entering The Gobi Desert Cup?

 I've always dreamed of riding across the Mongolian steppe, I'm passionate about endurance and I'm looking for a sporting experience of overtaking oneself.


What have been your major highlights/achievements in endurance riding/equestrian sports? List your current personal best in equestrian sports -  other sports?


 I started riding as a TREC rider, I played in competition in individual Club Elite until the French Championships in 2010, then as an Amateur Elite Grand Prix duo in 2017. I am a rider of outside. Passionate, I became an equestrian tourism guide and I discovered endurance in a serious team whose rider is Bénédicte Santisteva. I then became passionate about this field, I ran horses in 90km free speed. I trained at Haras de la Cense (short courses and professional ... not intensive enough to master the method) to develop a horsemanship approach and learn skills in education young horses, a cavalry equestrian tourism. .. I tried to train at the farriery and I graduated to lead a team.


What are your long-term goals in the sport?



 My long-term goals ... I do not project myself easily in the future, I prefer to live in the present. I would like to continue to train endurance horses.



What do you fear the most about the race?

 The food ... I do not drink milk, it makes me sick and I eat very little meat ... but I know how to adapt. I am addicted to chocolate and I will have to do without but it is a test that will allow me to reduce my addictions :-)


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What is your main goal in the race?

To please me, to respect the spirit and the rules of the race, to live a dream, a passion, to meet people having the same centers of interest, to discover Mongolia the nomads to live an unforgettable human and sporting experience.




How fit are you?

I have not ridden on horseback since September 2017 but I maintain a sports activity since; 15km of bicycling a day and a hike of 25 to 75 km every weekend. I swim regularly and I sometimes train to climb steps with a group of sportsmen for cardio. I resume endurance riding on Monday, I will ride every day to train before the race.



By Heather Wallace