Meet Our Rider: Christoph Schork (USA)


 🇺🇸Christoph Schork🇺🇸 from the USA to put the pressure ON the other riders!


He is 65 years old and like a good 🍷, age well and looks 50 👌!

After reading Christoph’s interview with ride Director Camila, we know all our other competitors will be training twice as hard! 🏋🏻‍♂️

Christoph is certainly a pioneer in the sport and a real inspiration. Very humble, friendly, encouraging and generous with his knowledge. He is passionate and progressive.

How long have you been riding horses for? - how many horses do you own?

All my life, starting at a young age of 3 years. I own 25 horses right now.

What are your main motivations for entering The Gobi Desert Cup?

Love Mongolia, love the Gobi, love the idea of the Gobi Cup, the way it is run, the prep work of Camille

What have been your major highlights/achievements in endurance riding/equestrian sport?

Christoph Schork, Margot Chazel, Camille Champagne

Christoph Schork, Margot Chazel, Camille Champagne

Multiple National USA Championships and National Awards, International wins and international riding in many countries.


Accumulated over 33000 Miles Over 340 Wins, world record. No other rider in the world has won more individual endurance races with over 145 Best Conditions, AERC record Multiple AERC and AHA 100 and 50 Mile National Championships Won the prestigious AERC War Mare Award twice Won the National 100 Mile Year End Award and Championship Won the Tom Quilty Gold Cup in Australia Won dozens of regional championship and awards Participated in International FEI races for 8 years, World Championship, World Equestrian Games and North American Championships Endurance raced in many countries, most importantly in France, Spain, Germany, UAE, Australia, Namibia. Christoph owns and operates Global Endurance Training Centre and teaches endurance and hoof care clinics at the Centre as well as worldwide for the last 20 years.

At the Old Pueblo Endurance race in Sonoita, Az with GE Haat Rod.

At the Old Pueblo Endurance race in Sonoita, Az with GE Haat Rod.

What are your long-term goals in the sport?

Setting records in terms of international riding, races won, total BC Awards. Raising the bar for endurance riding. Finishing top 10 again in Tevis.

List your current personal best in other sports?

World Champion in Archery Biathlon, National Champion Ride and Tie, multiple first ski descent in mountains in the world.

What do you feel are your main strengths for The Gobi Desert Cup?

Knowing Mongolia and the Mongol horses.

Christoph Schork_Quote.png

What areas do you feel that you need improvement in before the race?

I can always improve with horsemanship, conditioning, balance, strength. There is no limit to the amount of improvement I can use in all this area. One must always strive for improvements in whatever we are doing in life and with horses. Resting is the start of sliding backward.

Do you currently do any other kind of training beside riding horses?

Running, Biking, Yoga and Gym work.

How much are you riding in preparation for the race?

PC: Stephanie Chase

PC: Stephanie Chase

Riding Everyday training my endurance horses, and going to actual endurance races. (Note: he's also riding in The Tevis Cup, a 100-mile endurance ride in the US on July 28th).

Finally, what would be a successful ride for you?

In general, any race that I will win with a sound and healthy horse. But more so, any ride that I finish successfully with a lot of ‘horse’ left.


Thanks, Christoph Schork, we wish you all the best with the race in August!


By Heather Wallace