Alienor Le Gouvello, Australian national trail queen who completed 5500km a few weeks before The Gobi Desert Cup!

So I'm not exactly sure how it happened but I came first in the Gobi Desert Cup!!! 😜a combination of luck by drawing good horses and looking after them and not ...pushing them too hard. I completed all six 80km days never veted out or withdrew and placed within the first 7 out of 16 participants everyday!

The cup is a team event and my Guy Fawkes team placed second, so proud of us all! Thank you Caitlyn, Belinda and Georgy for being so awesome!

The Gobi Desert Cup was an amazing experience, endurance racing is hard core and extremely rewarding, my body wasn't quite up to it but my mind was so I just dosed up on anti-inflammatories, ignored the pained and kept on going!

The Mongolian ponies we rode were absolutely fantastic, so tough and resilient, 80km in hot and tough terrain is not achievable by any horse. They blew my mind away.

The cup organisation was outstanding and locals and participants all wonderful people. Scenery was also magnificent. I feel privileged to have been part of the very first Gobi Desert Cup which I believe will continue to be a fantastic event for the years to come. An event which creates employment for locals and gives a beautiful true Mongolian experience to participants whilst undertaking a very well run and professional endurance race.

Camille Champagne