Rider Application

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JOIN US for the equestrian ADVENTURE of a lifetime.


Upon receipt of your letter of invitation a NON-refundable deposit of 10% of full nomination fee must be paid within seven days to secure your place in the Gobi Desert Cup.
Nomination fees: Total: AUD$10,000. No other currency accepted. Payments will be made using our secure PayPal link.

Pay in full or with the following payment schedule: 10% upon sign up (deposit); with three remaining installments of $3,000 AUD by the 3rd of February; by the 10th of April; and by the 5th of July 2019. Late payment will accrue 7% p.a. interest calculated daily.

We have a no-refund policy; therefore, we encourage riders to insure their nomination fee.


We request a short video (preferably with a horse) to us a little about you, your experience with horses, why you’d like to ride the Gobi Desert Cup, and what you look forward to most. This should be sent by email to Ride Director Camille Champagne at info@gobidesertcup.com.

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Please list your Facebook and/or Instagram handles if you have them.
Please specify kgs. or lbs.
Please describe in detail your horse riding experience. How long, how often do you ride, and what discipline.
Have you ridden endurance before?
Please list any endurance or equestrian organization memberships of which you are part.
Are you FEI-qualified?
Do you have experience riding young or inexperienced horses?
Please provide the names of any other riders you intend to ride with. Teams are based on 4 members and chosen by the riders. If not applicable, please enter n/a.
By clicking the "Submit" button below, I hereby send my application to The Gobi Desert Cup and consent to be contacted for an interview.

* Applying does not guarantee a place in The Gobi Desert Cup. If you receive an official invitation your place will be secured only when the initial deposit of $1000 AUD is paid.