Our Team


We have created a unique endurance race across a vast and ancient land where a special bond and true horsemanship will be required. Riding each horse to the best of their abilities and keeping them fit for the vet checks will be what gets you through. You will learn to get on each horse and put your heart in their hoof. You will discover a whole new level of trust. 


Camille Champagne

Ride Director and 3* Endurance Rider

You won't find a more inspirational Race Director than elite international endurance rider and highly respected natural horsemanship trainer - Camille Champagne. She has trained Australia's best endurance horses including the three times Tom Quilty winner Brookleigh Excalibur and placed in the most prestigious races, including the Tom Quilty and Walvis Bay. Known as an adventurist, Camila has completed the longest and toughest horse races in the world and regularly compete at 160 FEI***level internationally.


Nara Adiya

Leading Mongolian Veterinarian

Mongolian veterinarian who grew up on the Kentti plain, the birthplace of Genghis Khan. A very ambitious man with international experience from Ireland where he spent four years specialising in reproduction and lameness. During winter you will find Nara at the University in Ulan Bataar, doing research or giving lectures. The Gobi Desert Cup is an opportunity for Nara to share his passion for Mongolian racing along with the nomadic lifestyle, the culture and local people.

Nara works together with the Ride Director, Camila, to provide the horses and design the course.


Dr. Ann Lammens

FEI 3* Veterinarian

Ann has vetted at the Gobi Desert Cup since its inception in 2016 and is passionate about Mongolia and endurance riding. Ann regularly vets in France at the biggest and most prestigious endurance races. More, she is an Equine Reproduction Specialist. Sweet but firm is what Ann is all about! She is always happy to help, listen and answer questions to assist you through your journey and keep your horses in their best shape. Fun fact, she always travels with her hairdryer and has been heard ‘widging’ about riders with other officials.


Dr. Ian Baines

FEI 4* Veterinarian

The greatest gentleman! Always a smile on his face and a word of encouragement. I met Ian in Namibia last year at Walvis Bay-African Championship. All the local women are VERY fond of him and couldn’t stop talking about him. Another great vet, all the way from Namibia! He must have some kind of “Je ne sais quoi”. Very friendly and casual, his knowledge got him to vet at the last endurance world championship and in South Africa’s most prestigious events! Ian could break bad news and still be seen as a “nice guy”.


Heather Wallace

Media Coordinator

Heather aka “Jersey” as dubbed by our 2018 riders, is our Media Consultant all the way from the US! Heather is an equestrian author, writer and photographer known for her blog, The Timid Rider. She will be taking photos, videos and doing the rider interviews, but she promises to be gentle. Heather is also responsible for all press before, during, and after the ride. Her other duties will be posting updates on social media so your friends and family can follow your journey.


Byra Adiya

Ride Organizer

Byra is a mother of three who studied accounting in Ireland. She is married to Nara and lives now in Ulaanbaatar. Byra is responsible for organizing the camp and catering, which is no small feat considering we have multiple camps and many different food preferences!



Camille and her team will be with you every step of the way to ensure, you cross the finish line and have a life changing experience. We provide support during the race to see everyone finish safely and with great fun!

In addition to the team listed above, you will enjoy the assistance and camaraderie of various other crew members. Local families and herders will help you handle and care for the horses and move the camp. No one knows and understands theses fantastic beasts more than the wonderful native Mongolians who care for them every day. The hospitality, kindness, and expert understanding of the land and the horses will provide you with an unmatched appreciation for this incredible experience. FEI qualified veterinarians, certified medics, and local interpreters, local chef, a fantastic team of herders to change and move camp, will also accompany you on your trek across Mongolia.